Bring the Heat with Vinyl This Winter

Bring the Heat with Vinyl This Winter


Plastic pants are coming in hot! Before you totally write the vinyl trend off, first think back to how undoubtedly cool Liv Tyler looked in the 90s Aerosmith music video for the song Crazy and then again to 2016 when Alexa Chung brought them back in that same ‘it’ girl fashion.

This high-gloss texture was yet again seen all over the runways, so it’s no surprise that they’re now hitting the stores again. But, here’s the thing… this cool girl trend is actually fire. I mean, just like Ross in the leather pants-powered-paste episode of ‘Friends’, these vinyl trousers will bring the heat! Don’t get me wrong though, this is NOT a complaint from me, as I am¬†currently watching the snow swirl briskly from out the window of my New York City apartment.

That said, it’s all about finding a good fit. I got lucky with these red vinyl pants from Asos because the high-waisted fit actually gave room to move about and the squeak factor is at a minimum. So, if you’re looking for an affordable, on-trend alternative to leather pants, look no more.

Below, you can see more of this look (including this coat, pair of boots and sweater), as well as a round-up of more vinyl pants for staying warm this winter.






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