3 (Little) Havana-Inspired Looks

3 (Little) Havana-Inspired Looks

Is it just me or does it seem like everybody has traveled to Cuba in the past year and a half? Back in May 2016, after Chanel presented its cruise collection in Havana (and guests of the show were gifted with Chanel fedoras, while several takes on the guayabera were featured on the runway), a steady stream of style stars dressed in retro fashions and posing in front of pastel-colored buildings and old-timey cars began to pop-up in my Instagram feed. In congruence with the changes in U.S. travel restrictions that gave way to more opportunities to explore Cuba, the debut of this designer collection influenced by Cuban style inspired creatives to go visit the country (in droves).

While many of my fellow fashion and travel bloggers have already walked the vibrant streets of Havana (my friend Lourdes from Please, Do Tell did an awesome three-part guide based on her trip), I’ve been sitting over here waiting on my schedule to open-up long enough so that I could be cool with an extended lack of wifi access (sigh) during a trip down south to the country that has seemingly been stuck back in time.

As one that doesn’t do well with FOMO, I recently decided to be crafty and found a way to get a small taste of Havana while remaining stateside. Since my mother-in-law’s family is from Cuba and have been settled in Miami for many years now, I asked the family to take me around Little Havana in Miami while I was there covering the runway shows during SWIMMIAMI (you can see several recaps of the shows here).

My now aunt and uncle (my husband introduced me to them back when we first started dating in 2009 and they’ve felt like family ever since) took me to Little Havana and gave me tips on where the locals go for the best ice cream, cigars, and salsa dancing (the doorman at this live music and dancing establishment knew them by name, so this place had to be a lot of fun!). We had a wonderful evening hopping around the 8-10 block stretch of 8th Street (or as the locals call it, Calle Ocho) that makes up the main commercial area, while I earmarked places like Domino Park to return to for this photoshoot. When we finally got home I instantly styled these looks based on the flavors we had found in Little Havana.

Since it’s been the summer of print mixing and tons of stripes for me, you’ll see these styles take center stage for these looks. When worn together, these pieces give all the summer travel feels without leaving the country. However, they can easily be restyled into outfits for fall too.

A few standout garments include the black and white striped pants, black ruffled hem midi-skirt, and red knit sweater with an on-trend slit, as these will still be trending come next season. As far as fancy footwear trends go, it’s safe for me to say that metallic colors and pearl detailing aren’t going away anytime soon. Now, while you may have to store the straw accessories away around mid-September, don’t forget that you’ll get another chance to break them out again once cruise collection season begins in November. Who knows… maybe when this time of year comes, you and I will be sailing our way to Cuba!

Below, you can see more of these looks, along with styling substitutions as many of the items have already sold out. I hope that these looks inspire you to sartorially savor these final weeks of summer.

Location: Little Havana in Miami, Florida

Photography: www.gabe-media.com






  1. Lourdes Martin
    August 9, 2017 / 2:49 pm

    Loved these looks – you always inspire with your outfits and truth be told – I look forward to all your instagram shots to see what new look you have put together!! lol!!

    Thank you for the shoutout my beautiful friend.



  2. August 11, 2017 / 3:00 am

    I really need a pair of silver heels; I love yours and they’re really versatile. I like that new heel style with the heel breast angled inside, it’s such a unique touch!

    Nicolette | http://www.nicolette.co