Mix Your Statement T-Shirts with Skirts

Mix Your Statement T-Shirts with Skirts

Move over blank t-shirts. This year’s casual tee makes a statement (literally) and the top trend touts feminism. However, if you don’t feel like being a walking billboard for this fashionable political movement, that’s totally okay. There are plenty of trendy t-shirts out there that range from moody to light-hearted (see below).

This time during the tee’s spotlight moment, it’s being paired with a less masculine separate. T-shirts paired with skirts are everywhere here in New York City. During faux spring days when it’s sunny out, but still annoyingly cold, you’ll see the tee paired with maxi skirts and denim jackets. When we do randomly get the real-deal spring temps, my go-to is a midi in bright colors (skirt, here)* If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you already know that I’m obsessed with the softness of Bailey 44. I could live in their jersey knits forever! So you can expect to see a lot of their pieces on me again this spring and summer.

Once you’ve found the tee and skirt pairing that’s right for you, try tying the shirt in a side knot rather than the boring tuck-in. It’s little styling tricks like this that transform these separates into a modern look that ready for weekend activities. For smashing footwear, I’d like to point out these sandals by Mari A. that boast an impressive amount of cushioning in them (and are only $25 on Amazon here!). This is crucial for long walks around the city!

*Side note – Speaking of colors, if you’re visiting New York City sometime soon, this all pink restaurant called Pietro Nolita is a must-have location to have on your Instagram feed so make sure you drop by (or else your friends may think you didn’t go anywhere cool while here. lol)

Below, you can see more of this statement look, along with additional styling options.

This post was made in collaboration with Bailey 44, however, opinions are my own.

Location: Pietro Nolita in downtown NYC

Photos: www.shkphoto.com