Plan on Embracing Pink This Spring

Plan on Embracing Pink This Spring

Pink, one of the most polarizing Pantone, will prevail in the popularity vote by a landslide this spring. For some, wearing pink may feel like you’ve been puked on with girlie stereotypes. While others may enjoy the traditional ‘pretty in pink’ feel and shine in all their glory when draped in it. Either way, I’m betting that a new piece of pink will find its way into your wardrobe this year.

As I don’t particularly hold any negative feelings against the color pink, yet also haven’t been inclined to habitually adorn myself in it either, I rest somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. That said, after recently being pummeled in the face with pieces of pink while in retail stores and online shopping destinations, I finally put up my arms in surrender. I mean, why not give spring’s biggest fashion trend a try for myself, right? Well, as it turns out, I’m sort of diggin’ pink more.

To slowly embrace the color that has penetrated every inch of store windows along 5th Avenue, I started out with this super sick, Gucci-inspired sweater (here). The tiger and floral embroidery on this fifty-three dollar babe popped off the screen and screamed ‘buy me’ during a recent scroll through the new arrivals on Asos (one of my go-to online destinations for affordable, on-trend garments).

For those of you that think this season’s ‘it’ color is too pretty for you, try pairing pink with black to toughen up the feels. I did just that with this look – also went one step further with the addition of leather. The soft texture of the pink sweater is balanced by the hard leather. Those that are pleased by this season’s pink party, rejoice and go nuts – nobody can say anything bad about your pink obsession this spring!

See more of this look, as well alternative styling pieces, below.

Outfit details: Sweater, Asos // Blouse, Frame (short sleeve version) // Culottes, Topshop // Coat, The Kooples // Sunglasses, Celine // Socks, Falk // Sandals, Gucci

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