Wondering How to Wear Daytime Sequins?

Wondering How to Wear Daytime Sequins?


Daytime sequins are a thing, my friends! If you were able to take just one thing away from the overwhelmingly vast variety of fashion trends that came out of 2017, I hope you caught on to this: anything goes!

Now that you’re newly liberated, if you’ve been staring at the sequined top that you purchased for New Year’s Eve wondering when you’ll ever wear it again, I’m telling you to toss it on now! Just make sure to keep the rest of the look low-key – like below when I added a dark blazer,  pair of  faded black denim by Hudson Jeans and satin slingbacks by Zara.

Below, you can see this full look, as well as a few alternative styling options that could be used to accomplish this same look.



Photos: www.lifeinreverie.com




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